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180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL

180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL
180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL

180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL    180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL

Office 180x60 industrial wood and steel work wootop xl studies. Subject consistent with the description.

The style we choose for our home office must represent our most creative side. From the desktop makes everything easier and from there, you can build the environment that best suits your needs. It is well known that spends much work to our office and that is why it is essential that they are efficient and in tune with their time, able to combine functionality and aesthetics through a useful and exciting furniture where the use of innovative materials and quality coexists with the need for ever more intelligent workstations and multitasking places. For those who like to focus in a clean and relaxing, contemporary minimalist style is ideal. The wootop xl office is linear, simple and elegant and fits perfectly in any context furniture. Sculptural, large and spacious office in the industrial wood 180x60-steel work and studies wootop XL is a versatile piece of furniture, with its possible configurations, can be used both in residential workspaces shared. With its generous dimensions and lines carved architectural design, it proves to be a solid structure where we can give space to his creativity but also to its rationality.

Wootop xl is the most recent office to simple and essential design, for those who do not have a lot of requirements from an aesthetic point of view and looking for a viable solution to study or work in comfort. The great strength of this office to study and work is its roominess (180x60x72 cm) that make it the ideal for those who have plenty of space available and want to work / study without limit mobility. Features Technical industrial wood steel 180x60 office for work and studies wootop xl. Design: Vintage 50s Security and high stability thanks to high quality workmanship.

Offers enough space for work. Suitable for all styles of furniture. Structure very stable and resistant. All raw materials used are of high quality and conform to standards. Express Mail: 48/72 hours - the shipping safety. The delivery of the goods is at the risk of the recipient. It is recommended to choose un'expédition provided to guard against possible damage caused by the driver during transport. By opting for an insured shipping, it is necessary that the time of withdrawal of the goods, the latter is controlled and any anomalies are reported on the bill with reservations, specifying well what is the reason for the reserve (not generic reserve). In all other cases (shipments delivered without insurance), we will not respond to any damage caused by the driver during transport. Shipping additional services, stocks, the refusal of the pack, nr.

Inexistantsle carrier tries three times to deliver the goods and contact us as soon as he realizes that he can not deliver. If the customer does not respond within 7 working days, we will return the goods, with shipping charges go, return and eventual re-shipment to the customer.

We count on your cooperation, of course, to avoid unnecessary transportation costs. Warning: for Corsica and the smaller islands of supplements will be applied to delivery that will be communicated by our after sales service. We do not ship to Corsica and the French islands outside of Europe. Accept delivery when the package is fully intact. If this packaging tears, scratches, holes, crushed or ribbon with the logo of the transport company you have to accept delivery with specific reserves, indicating the specific damage (eg scratches on the foot chair) and always ask the carrier to check the goods before him (your right). So sign up with specific reserve. If you do not specify the problem at the moment of the reception we can not claim compensation from the transport company for possible reimbursement. We absolutely can not change it then. Check property at the time of purchase that the address you entered is correct because then you can not change it! Direct shipment bank transfer (about 2 working days from the date we received the bank transfer).

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Use this guarantee is simple, just follow the following procedure: 1. The products must be made integral, never used, inserted in their complete original packaging in all its parts, and any documentation included accessory endowment: manuals, cables, etc.

And with adequate container tightly closed and original interior. The transport costs for returns remain charged to the customer as rules on buying and selling online. Recall that the goods travel at the customer's risk, so as to ensure the content is advice. Logistics reserves to push the package, in case of anomalies noted on the packaging.

After receiving the package, logistics authorized by us will verify the contents and we will communicate if the content is compliant to all that has been provided by law. In positive case we will make the 'accredits within and not beyond 30 days after receiving the package. If negative, that is to say, if the object is rendered in different conditions as it was sent, reductions are planned as specified result: a complete or partial lack of packaging (inside and outside): 5% to 25% of the article, (evaluation at the discretion produceshop base cost of reconditioning and labor) b emdommagée: deducting the value required for spare parts or labor to the work to restore the product to nine. For logistical reasons it is not possible to make the goods personally, only through the carrier. Manufacturing Defects: to ensure the safety maxim, all our products are checked by two different times by two different subjects: before the company producing 100% which guarantees that the goods are it deprives defects and thereafter at time of preparation of the order, strictly quality control staff of the logistics company, they check with extreme attention that the product is integrated before being assigned to the mail (you do not send no economic interest in defective products, because after sales costs much plus'que preventive control).

All our products are guaranteed 24 months of the acquisition date flaws or manufacturing defects, 12 months for acquisitions or VAT invoice. The communication of defect or possible manufacturing fault will happen with the help of photographic equipment to act in show actual problem without which it is not possible to proceed.

They will not be considered, failures or malfunctions caused by error, damage or transportation caused by strong shock caused by customer misuse of the product or problems from normal wear of the components. Our technical office after viewing the documentation, it will proceed with the following: a product capable evaluated without manufacturing defects: no action vis-à-vis the client who may, within 14 days of the acquisition, exercise the right of withdrawal as all that has been set by law.

B Product partially assessed fit or with partial manufacturing defects: it will be proposed to the customer a partial refund proportionate to the defect or alternatively, removing our expenses for repair. If this is not possible full refund of the amount paid. C Product assessed as unfit or with serious manufacturing defects, we will make the withdrawal of the goods at our expenses and reimbursement of the amount paid.

The technical office, having conveniently verified that the product is actually defective, will provide repair or replacement of the same, with shipping costs to the customer. The majority of our products is for private use and not public / professional, unless not specifically written in the announcement \We are wary customer (who assume with this, any civil or criminal liability) to perform a professional or public use of our products, if not specifically expressed in the description of the same. We will not be responsible for any breaks wines produced or incidents caused to users. Dimension products: Dimensional measurements of the products are made, (like all web sites), measuring the outermost parts of the products. The diameter parasols is expressed by measuring the length of the branch that is to say the distance from the tip of the umbrella to the tip radius.

The destination of shipments for the return of the goods is: produceshop log 5 via Bernardi 16 26041 Vicobellignano cr. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: France.

  1. height: 72 <\/ li>
  2. length: 60 <\/ li>
  3. width: 180 <\/ li>
  4. manufacturer part number: wo18060legner <\/ li>
  5. brand: office24 <\/ li>
  6. Type: Office <\/ li>
  7. material: MDF / particleboard wood effect <\/ li>
  8. Color: neutral <\/ li>
  9. Features: fixed <\/ li>
  10. changed object: not <\/ li>
  11. material: wood <\/ li>
  12. Assembly Required: Yes <\/ li>
  13. Finish: Natural <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL    180x60 Industrial Wood Office Steel Work And Study Wootop XL