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3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81

3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81

3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81   3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81
Make the choice of the authentic. Mica derived from natural sedimentation.

(This is not a composite) ruby. Of dimension 49 x 81 mm and average thickness of 0.15mm. A 0.15 mm will not long. I emphasize that this is not a mica composite that has thermal properties, electrical and chemical less well.

This mica is not suitable for microwaves (as mica microwave is not suitable for wood burning stoves). A sheet of this mica, consists of several strips or layers of a few microns each. The mica was extracted from the Madagascar mine in the 60s, is a mica. It is almost not found in this form. Its applications are numerous share its thermal insulation properties, very high power and also decorative (mica product light a nice glow). In respect of the authenticity and performance. (Mica thin enough to fit within the rabbets stoves but of sufficient thickness to withstand high temperatures greater thickness = 0.15 mm, below the durability is reduced). The majority of the leaves of wood stove that have a door to multiple windows has a mica consisting of several sheets joined and clamped by the plate against the door. From the outside, it gives the effect of a single sheet. This solution was widely used because two advantages: - it is much cheaper to juxtapose several smaller leaves that much.

If the piercing of a sheet, it is not necessary to change everything. If your door of your stove has several windows.

You can send me a boss (see example in photo), I will. Design, decoration (it can be reduced into very fine flakes with a single mixer or used as such). Natural mica sheets, because of their lamellar compositions can be divided into multiple thinner sheets to adapt to different uses. Mica is easily cut and can therefore adapt the size of a sheet to his personal needs. Upon request, I cut, without charge, your mica sheets to your very precise dimensions.

In simple, non-receipt dispatch, no appeal will be enforceable. Check: the receipt of payment. Except for purchase paid on Saturday and Sunday, starting on Monday. If the remaining number of sheets on e-bay is not enough, contact me.

Nformation on the technical performance of mica. Thermal mica withstand temperatures above 1000 ° C or superior performance to ceramic plate (700 to 800 ° c) flame resistant, does not burn, does not release fumes and very little conducts heat especially perpendicular to its strata. Electrical natural mica exhibits a dielectric strength (insulation) greater than 25 kv / mm or to a plate of 0.3 mm a dielectric strength of 7500 V and a good arc resistance and electrical erosion; it is permeable to microwaves.

Chemical mica is insensitive to water and most chemical agents such as solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils. Mechanical mica exhibits a very good compressive strength; it is resistant to tensile and flexural strength; it has a high modulus of elasticity.

Making it therefore a natural product quite exceptional that even advanced technology could not, to date, match. The item \extra \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81   3 Leaves Natural Mica Stove For A Wood Or Other 49 X 81