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6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l

6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l

6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l   6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l
6.49 / l varnish wood waterproof oil for oak table in natural 10l. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 10l half colorless oil for indoor and outdoor. 10l colorless halbol for indoor and outdoor brand: ls-240 (bekateq) half high quality oil to wood paint suitable thanks to its special composition, which is professional half oil best suited for the care and protection of wooden surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications.

The typical aging of wood is delayed by half of our oil, which in turn improves the visual appearance, the wooden surfaces maintained durably. The exceptional properties make it water-resistant, weather-resistant and half as much as oil. The natural grain is underlined, or acclaimed. So there is no absolute seal, the naturalness of the wood is preserved for you. Simple treatment with a brush rag or lint, for long-lasting protection.

Product data - water resistant - weather resistant - property - breathable - natural / wood grain is preserved - wood aging is delayed - very good penetration - surface matt - for external and internal technical data - consumption: 12 -15 m2 / l according to the substrate-drying: dry after about 24 hours, depending on the absorption capacity of the wood -recoatability: after complete drying, at the earliest after 10 days - gloss mat-treatment: paint with a brush, with the best lint-free cloth muster -color: yellow, clear pretreatment: the substrate should be clean, grease, wax, silicone - and not dusty. First, remove the grease stains with the turpentine substitute. Wood already graying with a smooth and clean fine sandpaper. Rub thin wood half oil paint or non-lint cloth.

The amount to adjust the suction pipe of the basement. Well leave and after about 30 minutes, wipe the excess half oil with a clean, polish cloth. A painting of the sample is recommended! Selbstenzuendungsgefahr: in the very fine distribution in contact with the air, the danger of spontaneous inflammation is May!

Soaked cloth with oil may be stored only in closed metal buckets. Cloth soaked in oil may be disposed of safely if the laundry lying on it to dry. Cov: category 1 / e / lb / 2010: 400 g / l - actual cov content <400 g / l. Right of return for 1 month.

Stock & delivery immediately after receipt of payment. Wasserabweisende und wetterbeständiges gartenmöbel pflegeöl. Holzpflegeöl, gartenmöbel ölen, holztisch ölen.

Eiche ölen mit halböl, super schnelle trocknung. The item "6.49 / l wood varnish waterproof oil for oak table in natural 10l" is on sale since Sunday, May 12, 2019.

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  1. ean: 4058398980943
  2. color: transparent
  3. specificity 4: water repellent and cage garden furniture maintenance oil
  4. specificity 1: wood oil, wood preservatives, pflegeöl wood
  5. specificity 3: oak oil with half oil, super fast drying
  6. specificity 2: wood care oil, garden furniture oil, oil wood table
  7. content: 10 l
  8. unit of measurement: l
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: ls-240
  10. brand: bekateq
  11. gloss level: satin
  12. country / region of manufacture: germany

6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l   6.49 / L Wood Varnish Waterproof Oak Oil Natural Table 10l