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Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood

Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood
Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood

Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood    Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood

Calida Benita classical guitar 3/4 Nature. Size: 3/4, for children aged 8-11 years or from a body height of 120 cm.

Case: Lime blocked, the table and the box: blocked basswood, neck maple. Button and stained wooden bridge: 18 positions, fret markers 3.

Mechanical: nickel with pearly buttons, strings: nylon, size: 59 cm, width at nut: 45 mm. Total length: 925 mm, max. Cabinet width: 355 mm, the coating (finishing): high gloss, color: Nature.

Benita - the perfect learning guitar! The Calida Benita 3/4 is ideal for entry into the world of the guitar. With a scale length of 59 cm, the device is ideal for children to the age of about 8 to 11 and depends on their specific needs. Especially as the thin neck, ergonomic adjusted for playability for small hands jet compact housing for easy playing position. Therefore, only selected materials are used to the guitar Calida Benita locked table and the body is made to develop a beautiful warm sound and clean handcrafted bridge transmits string vibration, even with delicate race fingers down to the last detail .

Until the details smaller and easy holding agreements for a stable holding up agreements. A sound that's nice! It is imperative that children have fun playing models provide Benita with your sound for expressive enthusiasm and also allow a proper assessment of their own play style. Attractive appearance the Calida Benita is visually impressive with its bright, a natural body and the dark toned body.

In addition, a carved rosette, and beautiful flowering tuning keys and decent head plate. 2020-09-15 7:07 - 274495458392. Enjoy over 30 years of experience with musical instruments and accessories.

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  1. brand: Calida Benita <\/ ​​li>
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 00029453 <\/ li>
  3. Dexterity: right-handed <\/ li>
  4. epoch: Contemporary <\/ li>
  5. Number of Strings: 6 <\/ li>
  6. Custom Bundle: not <\/ li>
  7. changed object: not <\/ li>
  8. body color: brown <\/ li>
  9. Control of Strings: 6 string <\/ li>
  10. size: 3/4 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood    Classical Guitar 3/4 Children Beginners Acoustic Natural Maple Wood