Natural Wood For

Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p

Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p
Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p

Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p   Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p

American pit road 1/350 wooden bridge heavy cruiser natural color for i 45p. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Thank you for visiting our page.

Pit road 1/350 wooden deck american cruiser heavy natural wood color for i [45p]. [Release date (yyyy / mm / dd)]: 2014-08-02. The plastic body is not included.

Need a separate tool or similar to the assembly. For collectors make sure to read even non-collectors customers.

Please do not order if you need a perfect condition without tears, bumps, dirt. We deal with a new section, but it may be tears, bumps, dirt. Above all, we unpack the boxes and cases to inspect the contents. At that time, the box or casing can be slightly scratched, stained or traces of tape were removed. Moreover, in order to offer our customers the price as low as possible (especially for expensive or rare items), we sometimes buy boxes and cases with some dirt, or some signs of scratches or scrapes. Moreover, although the packaging must be done with great care, the risk of damage to the boxes and / or crates during transport is very high, due to the long distance transport between international destinations. Therefore, we ask the collectors and non-collectors who need a box or a perfect case not to buy. [Note: preorder (w / o)]. If the title includes a \We want all buyers understand that it is possible that the manufacturer changes the content, date and amount for sale. If \[Language manual and menu]. We process the products of use in the Japanese market. The elements therefore have the Japanese language manual and menu. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Japanese menu only: Camera Panasonic English menu available: nikon, canon. If you need to repair an item to your country with a guarantee, do not order this item.

Voltage: 100V, record: guy, FM tuner: 70-90mhz please check the status of your country for use. Before your payment, please contact us about the size and color stock. [International buyers - please note].

These charges are the buyer's expense in all cases. Import duties you paid can be returned by tax return statement. Please check with customs office of your country to determine what will these additional costs before bidding / buying. Please pay within 3 days of your purchase. We, ca, gb, fr, de. The number of aircraft has decreased considerably and the situation of land transport in each country was also more confused than normal, so the delivery speed is much slower than usual. Please do not place orders if you want the product to be delivered quickly. Understanding the client's arrival delayed packages would be appreciated. We can not guarantee and refund if buyers choose any tracking method and the Post Office lost the article. Select the service with the track number.

We can arrange shipment by DHL and ups. Please ask for the time and money handling. We do our best for you !!!! [Processing time and order processing]. Your order will be shipped within 5 to 7 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Japan) after payment confirmation.

When you choose EMS, to receive compensation, it is necessary to open the box and check your article with delivery personnel at the time of delivery. If you do not, you might not receive compensation and new article from us, even if your item is damaged and missing. [Li-ion battery for banned importing country]. Some countries Germany, France, Italy, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, nigeria and more.

Do not accept the lithium battery via ems, sal by mail. Please check yourself rule your country. If we receive an order from the buyer located in these countries, we will ask the buyer to choose 1 from 3. Mail without battery removed ri-ion of the article. Cancel (for products that can not be removed with the dedicated internal battery).

Even in countries where products containing lithium-ion batteries may be imported, he is forced to set lithium-ion product itself due to the regulation of international transport japan post. Therefore, please understand that it will be shipped after opening and mounting the battery, even if the product is new. [Important note: on obtaining a stricter customs regulations in each country].

In recent years, the customs regulations of each country are changing rapidly. We regularly review the rules of each country to determine which products and countries to exhibit. However, if the rules changed suddenly, we could not always follow.

The buyer's kind understanding would be highly appreciated if we inevitably were canceling the order to respect the relevant laws of each country. B00kr64xuk [brand]: pit road detail [condition] new [guarantee] [E] payment [method] country level name service speed economy we track number, ca, gb, fr, of airmail about 4-8 weeks with standard airmail track with track 2. The item \, accessories \ models \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: France, usa, canada, uk, germany.
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  2. mark pit-road <\/ li>
  3. Editor: Road pit <\/ li>
  4. manufacturer part number: aw1090 <\/ li>
  5. ean: 4986470049229 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p   Fosse Road 1/350 Wood Deck American Heavy Cruiser Natural Color For I 45p