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Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60

Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60

Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60    Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60
Height adjustable electric desk for desk and studio standwalk 120x60. Object conforming to the description. Designed to create a convenient, versatile and above all ergonomic workstation, the standwlak 120 office adjustable desk24 is the ideal solution for those who work long hours on the computer and stay seated for a long time in front of the PC: at the simple push of a button, you can freely choose to work standing or sitting at the office, relieving or even completely avoiding problems arising from uncomfortable positions. The innovative electrical system that adjusts the height of the desk tray will allow you to work in total comfort both sitting and standing. In this way, you can change your position at will during work and thus benefit from important benefits for your health, greatly reducing back pain and significantly improving productivity. Indeed, the doctors recommend that the sitting and standing position be continuously alternated throughout the working day: in this way, the circulation is kept active and sedentary is reduced to the benefit of a more active lifestyle. The standwalk 120 adjustable desk is made of high quality structural materials that are safe, reliable and wear-resistant, in the full office24 style. The top of the table is covered with a thick layer of scratch-resistant melamine, while the solid steel t-foot guarantee maximum stability on the ground and can withstand a weight of up to 11 kg. The control panel is very simple to use: thanks to the intuitive touch pad, you can adjust the height from 68 cm to a maximum of 113 cm by bringing the worktop to the desired height. The height adjustment mechanism is fluid and quiet thanks to the single motor and the power cable is 2 m long, allowing you to position the table wherever you want. The standwalk 120 adjustable desk has everything you need to meet modern space, organization and above all comfort needs and is available in different colors to make any work environment enjoyable. Standwalk 120, the smart solution to work in a healthy and dynamic way!

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Solid frame in stainless steel painted by powdering. Wooden top with melaminate finish, scratch resistant thickness 1.8 cm. Telescopic metal feet 5 x 8 cm. Electronically adjustable leg height from 68 to 113 cm. Electric switch with button panel. The sale of products on the productshop website is governed by the following general conditions of use and sale (the "conditions of purchase"). Products purchased on productshop are sold by mbk fincom sa ("produceshop", "company" or "seller").

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6.2 in the event that the goods are damaged and no reservation has been made, even if the shipment is insured, the seller is not liable for the damage caused by the carrier during the transport and productionshop cannot be held liable for any anomalies found concerning the condition of the product after delivery. In this case, the customer must contact the carrier directly. 6.3 the goods are delivered exclusively at street level or in the client's yard. 6.4 If the customer decides to change the delivery address after placing the order or postponing the delivery of the goods without having specified it in the notes or has promptly informed one of the customer service operators, productshop reserves the right to invoice the customer for these changes.

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9 deadline and method of reimbursement. 9.1 the seller must make the refund using the same means of payment as the customer used to purchase the returned products. In the absence of correspondence between the recipient of the products indicated in the order proposal and the person who made the payment of the sums due for their purchase, the refund of the sums, in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, shall be made by the seller to the person who made the payment. 9.2 Regardless of the method of payment used, the refund due, in whole or in part, shall be activated by the seller, as soon as possible and in any case within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the goods were received at the return warehouse, after verification of the proper performance of the right of withdrawal and verification of the returned products.

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Before accessing the network and performing any operation during navigation, the user must always adopt the most recent protective measures for which he or she will be solely responsible. The item "Height adjustable electric office for office and studio standwalk 120x60" has been on sale since Friday, April 23, 2021. It is in the category "house\furniture\offices, computer tables". The seller is "produceshop_online" and is located at/in archueil. This item can be shipped to the following country: france.
  1. height: 113 (maximum)
  2. length: 120
  3. diameter: 60
  4. width: 60
  5. Manufacturer part number: sw120 Mark: office24
  6. type: office
  7. matter: mdf/agglomerated wood effect
  8. characteristics: fixed
  9. modified object: no
  10. material: wood
  11. assembly required: yes
  12. finition: natural

Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60    Height-adjustable Electric Desk For Desk And Studio Standwalk 120x60