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Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape

Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape

Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape    Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape

Tray steak board with chopping cut for natural form henkel juice. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Steak or serving board made of olive wood, including groove and henkel juices. Dimensions: approx 45cm long and 1.9 cm.

100% handmade and 100% natural. With a beautiful grain, natural and individual. Olive trees must be activated on the timber trade, after they bear more fruit. Thus, a model of food production and a perfect synergy between man and nature.

Each product is handmade using traditional methods and the highest quality, and finally oiled. So, a wonderful piece of nature and the joy of living for everyone and for every morning snack. The enjoyment of the product and the character of the wood will remain länstmöglich by the cutting board after use, with only lukewarm and wash easily with soap and water, then dry immediately! For the best possible care please rub the cutting board regularly with olive oil or cooking oil, then wipe off. In addition to keeping this fact the best grain at best!

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The item "chuck cutting plate board for henkel juice natural form" is on sale since Wednesday, September 12, 2018. It is in category "home \ cooking, tableware \ tableware \ plates / dishes on duty". The seller is "olivenholzliebhaber" and is located in münchen. This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

  1. style: country house
  2. color: brown
  3. brand: handgefertigt
  4. material: wood
  5. type: steak board
  6. room: kitchen
  7. ean: not applicable

Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape    Henkel Juice Cutting Rig Plate Steak Tray Natural Shape