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Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction

Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction

Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction    Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction
This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us. Wooden insert with glass on three sides.

New range of models to renovate old chimneys or build new ones. Focus choice: ecokeram or vermiculite upper smoke output - 15 cm, female hot air can be channeled into several rooms (optional kit) primary and secondary air glass cleaning system (post-combustion) independently adjustable by lever available in versions: n natural convection and forced ventilation regulator forced ventilation (v) new optional handle made, provided by cold hand. Optional kit diffuser dair pipe buses in split origami, curved, sharp bridge. Measuring the fire hydrate (l xlxh). Prices must be shown with vat at.

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Inbois3 70 (wooden insert) description glass cleaning system forced ventilation regulator (v) optional kit air diffuser kit bridge features technical data mod technical. 55 min max width cm 72 depth cm 51 size cm 55 cm - useful power kw 9 yield % 78.9 kg / h 2.5 - smoke output cm 15 - air intake cm 10 total weight kg 135 m3 235 ability to postulate 10%, for those who are entitled, 5-star positive comment review feedback where we are xodo store via piave, 28 piove di sacco (pd) for each size and need. The item \"insert wood inwood3 70 glass on 3 sides send mail for discount\" is on sale since Wednesday, December 30, 2020. It is in the category of \"household appliances, air conditioning, ventilation and central air conditioners\". The seller is \"xodostore\" and is located at piove di sacco, pd. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  1. energy efficiency class: a-
  2. manufacturing country: Italy
  3. color: black
  4. model: inwood3 70
  5. power: 9 kw
  6. mark: edilkamin
  7. ean: not applicable
  8. type: insert the wood

Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction    Insert La Bois Inwood3 70 Glass On 3 Sides Send Mail For Reduction