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Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90

Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90
Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90

Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90   Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90

Find out more about the thickness of the leaves offered in the trade. All my sheets are guaranteed a minimum thickness of 0.15 mm. Below this threshold, the longevity of the leaf will be greatly reduced. The amber mica (phlogopite) has a better resistance to heat than the ruby mica (muscovite) and therefore a longer life.

The majority of wood stove sheets that have a multi-window door have a mica consisting of several leaves assembled and tightened by the counterplate of the door. From the outside, it gives the effect of a single leaf. This solution was widely used because it had two advantages: - it is much cheaper to juxtapose several smaller leaves. If a sheet is drilled, it is not necessary to change everything.

If your stove door has several windows. You can send me a boss (see picture example), I can send you.

You can also easily make larger leaves from smaller leaves, which is very advantageous at the price level. This technique uses the property of the mica of being able to divide in thickness. The leaves are thus intertwined in each other for sealing. If you're interested, send me a message and I'll tell you how to do it. The mica is easily cut and therefore the size of a leaf can be adapted to its personal needs. On request, I cut, without extra charge, your mica leaves have your very precise dimensions. If the remaining number of leaves on e-bay is not enough, contact me.

Information on the technical performance of the mica. Thermal the mica supports temperatures above 1000°c, which is superior to the ceramic glass plate (700 to 800°c) it resists the flame, does not ignite, does not emit smoke and does very little heat, especially perpendicular to its strata. Electrical the natural mica has a dielectric rigidity (insulation) greater than 25 kv/mm, i. For a plate of 0.3 mm a dielectric rigidity of 7500 v and a good resistance to arc and electric erosion; it is permeable to microwaves.

Chemical mica is insensitive to water and most chemical agents such as solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils. Mechanics the mica has a very good compression resistance; it is resistant to traction and bending; it has a high modulus of elasticity.

What makes it a natural product has made everything exceptional that even advanced technology has not, today, been able to match. I insist that this mica is not a composite that has much less thermal, electrical and chemical properties. This mica is not suitable for microwaves (as well as the microwave mica is not suitable for wood stoves). This mica was extracted from madagascar mines in the 1960s, it's a mica de.

It is almost impossible to find it in this form. Renovation of wood stove, salamander. (mica thin enough to fit in the leaves of the stoves but of sufficient thickness to withstand high temperatures = thickness greater than 0.15 mm, below longevity is reduced). The item "natural mica leaf for wooden pole 78 x 90" has been on sale since Friday, January 1, 2021.

It is in the category "household appliances\heating, air conditioning, ventilation\air conditioning\heaters\additional heating". The seller is "poppoff1313" and is located in/among the ramparts. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90   Natural Mica Leaf For Wood Pool 78 X 90