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Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White

Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White

Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White    Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White

Disappearing sliding door for plasterboard various colors cherry hickory. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Retractable door adapted to against-frame drywall - that's what we provide. Anta (thickness 36 mm) thinner door panel consists of a perimetric frame wood jointed fir and anti-worm Treaty, honeycomb cardboard resin coated with cell mm.

Frame (from 112x40 mm): impermeable and hdf jamb fir covered with scratch-resistant melamine with lateral grooves for assembling architectures. The framework can be adapted to walls from cm. Straight line covers (from 72 x 16 mm): in hdf waterproof coated scratch-resistant melamine.

25 for mounting in the frame. Supporting toothbrush (40 x 16 mm): in fir covered with laminate scratch resistant, with seal for toothbrush and batten. Lock with key included or pawl and thimble before in finishes: chrome or brass or BRUNITA. For walls in plasterboard where against hidden-frame was mounted a door thinner, not easy to find, to be mounted. Our retractable door has a thickness of mm.

Use the same space with walls of plasterboard with hidden doors. Sliding doors give a fresh, modern look to the rooms. A concealed solution clutter, offers the advantage of \A real resource on issues of space and excellent architectural solution and design in large interiors. The installation of interior wall sliding doors also perform with the DIY technique. Here are our other options for setting masked masonry. Here are the different finishes hardware.

Here are the different f. Mounting method for masonry release. Remove the cover from subframe concealed.

Remove the polystyrene within the against-frame. Clean the inner seat subframe. Inside the chassis against in a bag you will find the accessories etc .. mount pulleys carts and limit switches that you found in the subframe.

Insert the carriages in the aluminum rail. Take 2 brackets of the bag and place them in cm. 12 of the door edge. Using a screwdriver, mount the brackets with the appropriate screws.

Mount the rubber in the rear edge of the door. Mount the wafer anti-flag nose in the lower part of the box. Hang the door panel in trucks.

Tighten the bolts of the carriage with two keys. Position the end of the initial race. After testing the operation of the door, tighten the limit switch. Positioning the door stop amount. Place the brush holder side.

Place the brush holder tooth higher. After all shaped, while silicone with an acetic silicone. Position also the architraves at the top. Drill insert and against the front plate under judgment. And here's the finished work .... Go to our online shop. if this is an installation in a building under construction with the main characteristics of a non-luxurious home. If this is an installation in a building being renovated. In both cases, the documentation to be sent to our office is as follows. 1 copy dia - valid work early statement. 2 self-certification (downloadable) completed and signed in original by the owner. 3 copy of the owner's identity card.

The door is factory tested and delivered assembled. After ordering, we will send the order confirmation with the design of the door .... it allows us to avoid mistakes.

Delivery 5 days of the order. Beware shipments for so-called disadvantaged postcodes. Warning or areas difficult and expensive, when we ask an additional surcharge to quantify. When ordering, please tell us a contact phone number to the courier who will inform you of the delivery. Your feedback is critical to our business!

Leave a rating of 5 stars. Brushes and gasket included here are the f how to order order 7. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.
Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White    Sliding Door To Loss In Various Colors Placo Cherry Walnut White