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Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw

Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw

Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw   Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw
Sliding door glass filomuro a drawing. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. If space permits, external sliding doors are functional, competitive, beautiful to look at. Compared with pocket doors, they do not require the expensive chassis-cons and therefore the masonry work for the relative installation. Warning for glass doors must indicate the direction of opening.

To allow the passage, they slide and bow along the side walls of the compartment, which eventually furnish and customize. Suspended on a track disposed within a headband, the sliding doors for moving along the side wall of the compartment. To avoid \Type: interior doors laminated series exterior wall sliding doors. Anta (44 mm thick): door panel consists of a framework of wooden perimeter anti-treated to dry and jointed, honeycomb cardboard resin coated with cell mm.

Finishing 4 laminated with flat flange. Mantovana wood covered with laminate.

80, with carriages on ball bearings. Carrelli: trolleys with Teflon wheels and ball bearings for quiet gliding. Installation of external sliding doors in the presence of a well finished compartment, does not present any particular difficulties, also to achieve with the technique of do-it-yourself. Sliding door outside the white wall.

Frosted glass design with evo sole. Sliding exterior gray rosewood turtle with shortbread evo design curves. Exterior wall sliding door with walnut Tanganyika natural sandblasted glass with evo design circles. National walnut with frosted glass evo Yasmin. Sliding door to the outside of the wall. Sliding door palissandro white outer wall with frosted glass design evo Gabbiano. Generally, we apply the round handle in brass or chrome.

Mounting method for masonry release. On the pre-wall square, measure the measurements of height and width. The door is constructed cm. 0 more in the alt. For sliding glass doors, the sense of openness is important.

Here is the section of the sliding door as it appears when the job is finished. Pierce the wall with a tip mm. Insert plugs (not supplied) and tighten the screws on the brackets. Insert the 2 trolleys in the rail and lock the two limit switches. Apply the brackets with the screws provided in cm.

Insert the bolts into the slot of the brackets. If necessary, adjust the height of the door panel.

It is possible to adjust the height of the door at least cm. Here is the hanging panel.

Drill tip with a mm. Insert the template and screw the side caps. The door is factory tested and delivered assembled. After ordering, we will send the order confirmation with the design of the door ....

it allows us to avoid mistakes. Delivery 5 days of the order.

Beware shipments for so-called disadvantaged postcodes. Warning or areas difficult and expensive, when we ask an additional surcharge to quantify. When ordering, please tell us a contact phone number to the courier who will inform you of the delivery.

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Here is the hanging panel 14. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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  2. Main color: white <\/ li>
  3. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  4. material: wood <\/ li>
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  7. Additional features: internal <\/ li>
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    Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw   Sliding Glass Door Filomuro A Draw