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Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New

Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New

Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New   Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New
Dolls doll stroller toys dimensions: l / b /. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Toy doll, doll pram dimensions: l / w / h 50cm / 27cm / 56cm again. Beautiful wooden doll carriage \The carriage of the doll is made up of a solid wood box with a pusher bar, a set of red and white bed and is equipped with 4 red plastic wheels with a white rubber sole. Dimensions: l / l / h to 50 cm / 27 cm / 56 cm. The wood, tradition and quality combine to form this solid toy made directly in the heart of the Ore Mountains. Beechwood - 4 plastic wheels with rubber soles - red and white bedding.

Nice toy for your little ones. Whether at home or in kindergarten, very suitable for playing. Scope of delivery: 1 pram doll packed in a sturdy box. About the company Holz wenzel. After completing his apprenticeship, the specialist sawmill formed initially worked in the company of her aunt martha wenzel toys.

This company produces wooden toys for over 100 years. Bernd Wenzel completed a master class for wooden toys and took over the company with six employees in 1980. Since only scooters and tricycles were part of the production range at the time, people were thinking how to expand them and extend them.

After 1989, Bernd Wenzel started looking for new clients with much enthusiasm. It presented its expanded product line especially at shows. Its scooters, tricycles, doll carriages, slides and many other stable and imaginative toys were of great interest not only for children.

Children's toys shapely, all wood, are particularly popular because of their hardiness and are sought far beyond the country's borders. Large sales companies are aware of it and have listed its products. Suppliers kindergartens control toys and items for children's furniture Friedebach.

Storage halls and production of toys were much too small for extended range. The new construction of our sawmill wood has placed wooden toys directly in the old mill building. The renovation began in 1999 and ended in late 2000. This means that both parts of the business are met in one place.

With their new business of wooden toys, they can meet the wishes of their customers faster and with more flexibility and produce more cost-effectively. Cut their own pieces of beech and dry in the drying room is a major advance for their wooden toys. The two companies currently employ 20 people. New packaging genuine original Erzgebirge crafts.

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  1. product type: doll stroller laura <\/ li>
  2. Format: Natural <\/ li>
  3. ean: 4250291177356 <\/ li>
  4. Color: Natural <\/ li>
  5. material: wood <\/ li>
  6. brand: holz wenzel <\/ li>
  7. manufacturer part number: 350010 hw <\/ li>
  8. Country of Manufacture: Germany <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New   Toys Dolls Doll Stroller Dimensions L / B /. H 50cm / 27cm / 56cm New